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EVO ATEK – Complete Kit for Hicap

799 kr.

The complete kit for the EVO with Hicap use – all three components in one package.

19330: EVO ATEK Handguard
The drop-nose styling of the EVO SMG is retained and built upon with the ATEK. A positive “thumb- over-bore” grip is facilitated by a natural index point and an over-extension guard is provided by the flared muzzle end. This give shooters a repeatable, comfortable and safe grip position that promotes consistent shooting.

19331: EVO ATEK Universal Front Grip
An angular front grip is included to further complement the shape of the front end. These components work in perfect unison both visually and also in terms of an effective support-hand grip area. Fundamentally the angular grip allows the user to grasp the gun dominantly with the wrist held in a natural position.

19332: EVO ATEK – Magwell Hicap
The Magazine Well/Grip clamps to the standard EVO receiver and serves as a reference point for the support hand. The magwell also makes inserting a fresh magazine into the EVO easier under pressure. This magwell is specifically for the Hicap EVO magazines.

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